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Dot Alt Events

If you are planning a fabulous event and don't know where to start or you just need a little help pulling it all together, why not get in touch and see how we can help.

From helping you get your flyers designed and printed to full event management, we are here for you.

Helping you arrange the fabulous

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What we do

Full event organisation

It can be a huge set of headaches getting an event organised. Venues booked, artists and performers booked, food and drink sorted, ticketing, posters, social posts, set up on the day, Yeah it's a headache. We know, we have done it many times.

If you need help, get in contact

Advertising Support

With smaller community led events, many of the big marketing and events firms won't get involved or are too expensive.

We even do 5 poster design and print runs.

Need the whole campaign mapping, producing and delivered across socials too? Yeah we can handle that.

Custom Merch

The bit that makes your event different.

We have excellent relationships with a range of suppliers (with quick turnaround) to help make your event special.

Be that a custom t-shirt, hoodie, mug or a beautiful box of goodies.

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Some of our events

Quiz Nights

A fun evening for all, be it in a pub, social space or office. Using the speedquzzing app there is not pens, paper or cheating.

Choose from general knowledge or pick your own specialist rounds and we will do the rest

Wireless microphone in seminar room

Seminars & meetings

It’s easy to attend a meeting, but sometimes the logistics are just too much for a small team. We have the skills and experience to help your seminars and meetings run smoothly so your team can concentrate on the work.

Club Nights

With a host of DJs and cabaret artists available to us, we can bring you an excellent night, tailored to your needs and styles.

From pop to hard house or stand up comedy, dotalt events have the partnerships for your party

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Want to know more?

Send us an email or contact us on facebook.

Lets help you maximise your event attendance and more importantly reduce your stress.

Dot Alt Events is part of the JQ IQ group of companies based in Birmingham.